Anonima Costruzioni Macchine Automatiche (ACMA), a Bologna-based company part of the Coesia Group, is turning 100 years old. Since 1924, the company has specialized in the design and production of automatic machines and systems for packaging consumer goods.

Founded on July 31, 1924, with a capital of 350.000 Lire, ACMA began its journey under the leadership of its first administrator, Gaetano Barbieri. Since then, the company has set industry standards, specializing in the design and construction of automatic machines for packaging home and personal care products, confectionery, and food. Among the company's early successes were the revolutionary powder wrapping and dosing machines, along with innovative solutions for wrapping candies and chocolates.

Commercial success and wartime challenges

The company distinguished itself with flourishing growth from the beginning, per the brand, consistently incorporating new technologies and ideas into its offer. During the 1920s, ACMA obtained numerous patents for its pioneering inventions, including a powder doser and a rotary machine for printing and folding sheets. This determined approach allowed ACMA to face the difficult period of World War II with resilience and resoluton, continuing to innovate despite the damage suffered by its factories due to bombings.

A tree that bore great fruit

In the years immediately following World War II, ACMA initiated a "spin-off" process in the industrial landscape. The company's workshops and technical department were, for decades, a cradle of great talent. From here emerged visionary designers who, in the post-war period, gave rise to numerous companies in the district, which are still thriving today. After Gaetano Barbieri's death in 1959, ACMA was acquired by Emhart A.G., subsequently passing under the control of Emhart Industries and, later, Barry-Wehmiller Companies Inc. In 1986, it became part of what would later become Coesia, a group of companies specializing in highly innovative industrial and packaging solutions, operating globally under the leadership of Isabella Seràgnoli.

Providing sustainable packaging solutions for e-commerce

The drive for technology is still in the company's DNA. A recent example of this is ACMA's entry into the e-commerce sector with the E-SWL, a solution to produce shipping bags. ACMA offers a sustainable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution for this sector, which has grown exponentially in recent years. The E-SWL creates customized bags based on the product dimensions and with the customer's desired print. Compared to standard solutions on the market, it uses less packaging, thus saving material and emphasizing sustainability.

A new incubator of ideas

"ACMA Next," a research and development laboratory within the company, has also recently been inaugurated. Here, thanks to a unique synergy between creativity and technological skills, new frontiers in packaging technologies are explored, aimed at developing increasingly sustainable and cutting-edge products. ACMA Next goes beyond the concept of a laboratory: it is an incubator of ideas that transforms visions into tangible realities. The commitment is also, in this case, aimed at exceeding expectations, consistently placing innovation and responsibility at the center of the work.

"This important anniversary," says Daniele Ponzinibbi, CEO of ACMA, "is not only an opportunity to reflect on our journey from a small artisan business to a company that is part of an international industrial group, but it also represents a moment to look at the ACMA of the future, which cutting-edge technologies will drive through continuous experimentation in research and development. As pioneers of the Packaging Valley, we envision a future full of innovative and sustainable solutions, always alongside our customers."

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