The World Cocoa Foundation is inviting the confectionery community to attend its 2025 Partnership Meeting, taking place March 19–20, 2025 in São Paulo, Brazil. The Foundation says:

"Today, we find ourselves at a critical moment for the cocoa sector. Farmers face mounting challenges including tree disease, climate change, declining productivity and new regulations that pose high hurdles for compliance. As this drives a supply deficit, markets are fluctuating with severe volatility. Industry and governments are being pressed to achieve progress on sustainability issues now. Resilience for the entire sector—environmentally, socially, and economically—has never been more of an imperative.

It is in this context that the World Cocoa Foundation will host our 2025 Partnership Meeting in São Paulo under the theme “Our Future: Resilience Through Sustainability.” With Latin America as the setting, the event will focus on how to solve the acute global challenges facing all of us in the sector. Programming will cover markets and economics, climate and landscapes, agroforestry and farming innovations, and fair livelihoods for farmers and their communities.

These interlinked challenges offer us an unprecedented chance to elevate how we work together across the cocoa sector. Our individual and collective resilience rests on our ability to understand the drivers of the current situation and identify solutions to chart a new course forward. The 2025 Partnership Meeting will be built around this opportunity to drive positive impact in new ways. We look forward to you joining us to define our future as a sector."

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