Premium chocolate manufacturer Lindt USA, Stratham, N.H., has launched a new blog, Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped, The site offers consumers a behind-the-scenes view of Lindt and insights into the premium chocolate industry. The blog is an industry first, as Lindt is the only major premium chocolate manufacturer to launch this type of online outlet.
To further educate and engage chocolate lovers, Lindt Chocolate Unwrapped discusses the inner workings of Lindt and covers a wide range of topics, including product research and development; how best to enjoy premium chocolate; recipes; company news and history; consumer promotions; and industry commentary. The blog also offers advice from the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, experts in all things chocolate, and showcases a variety of Lindt authors to provide readers additional perspectives and knowledge from within the company.
“As the world’s leading producer of premium chocolate, we saw the need for a new source of information and platform for discussion on all things in the world of fine chocolate -- from cocoa bean to final exquisite chocolate creation, and everything in between,” says Thomas Linemayr, president & ceo of Lindt USA, who wrote the inaugural post for the blog. “We are excited to share this ‘inside look’ and hope it interests and educates, as well as fosters more two-way conversations with consumers.”
The blog is an extension of Lindt’s current social media properties, which include the Lindt Facebook page ( and Twitter handle ( Visitors to also can sign-up to receive e-mail notifications for all future blog posts.
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