Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery is debuting a 12-pocket compact rotary filler at PACK EXPO International, slated for Oct. 23-26 in Chicago.

Retaining the main features of the company’s high-speed rotary, the new compact system features the same quick changeover components. It is ideal for various containers that require numerous changeovers, and it includes magnetic funnels that do not require fasteners and tool-less change parts. This compact design maintains the patented features that make Spee-Dee rotary systems ideal for nutraceutical gummies.

Spee-Dee's compact version was designed with price and speed in mind, bridging the gap between its intermediate inline systems and high-speed rotary. Reaching speeds up to 70 bottles per minute, it can fill gummy products into glass, paper board or plastic containers and easily integrates with a single discharge multihead weigher or electronic counter. This compact rotary saves valuable floor space while doubling the speeds of a standard inline system.

Empty containers are supplied to the Spee-Dee rotary on a single lane conveyor and are pushed by line pressure into the servo driven main turret. The containers ride up the turret ramp and seal with the container adapters on the bottom of the product transfer funnels. 

The multihead weigher or electric counter dispenses gummies into the fill buckets of the patented streaming system. A bottom rail vibration system is radiused around the turret to allow for optimal settling time of the product in the container. 

Spee-Dee's compact rotary comes standard with an HMI and PLC that are capable of not only controlling the weigher or electric counter but also providing permissive inputs on the PLC for upstream and downstream equipment. A photo eye detects the presence of each container as it enters the turret. If a container is missing from the turret, the system will inhibit the fill of product.

“The introduction of the compact rotary filler is an important milestone for our company,” said Mark Navin, vice president of sales at Spee-Dee. “We’re happy to offer this innovation to better serve our customers and their ever-changing needs.”