Bartek Ingredients is unveiling its latest innovation at the Vitafoods Europe trade show in Geneva, May 9–11. Uplift Taste Modification Technology is a solution for taste enhancement in gummies that:

  • Effectively enhances and modulates taste and precisely controls unique flavor and sour onset, peak, and linger in confectionery and VMS gummy applications
  • Creates authentic fruit flavor and sour profiles that are distinct and cannot be achieved with sodium citrate alone
  • Enhances juicy, tart notes and extends them throughout chew time, offering formulators new and innovative ways to craft unmatched eating experiences for consumers

“We’ve spent the past several years exploring the vast possibilities that come from our core ingredients, malic and fumaric acid, and that’s resulted in a consistently growing portfolio of ingredient technologies,” said Mohammad Emami, Bartek’s director of marketing and business development. “Our new product development team is still hard at work exploring other potential ingredient launches for this year and beyond, specifically looking at how to use our technology to enable formulators to fortify their products.”

Bartek will also showcase its Pecmate Pectin Enhancer at the show. Pecmate is a buffer developed for brand owners and contract manufacturers developing vegan gummies and other products that use pectin. Pecmate addresses many of the well-known challenges of working with pectin, which has a less forgiving set of manufacturing parameters than alternatives like gelatin.

Bartek’s network of global distributors serves more than 40 countries across the globe. The company is committed to its position as the world’s largest malic and fumaric acid producer, ensuring the highest quality and optimal service to the market.

Vitafoods attendees interested in Uplift, Pecmate, or any of Bartek’s other ingredients can visit the company at booth #F284. For more information, contact Bartek at