The Milkboy Swiss Chocolate Co. has won three 2018 sofi awards, nearly sweeping the competition’s Milk and White Chocolate category.
Milkboy earned a Gold Award for the Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt. It also earned a Bronze Award for its Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds Bar. Additionally, Milkboy won the category’s Best New Product award for the Swiss White Chocolate With Blue Potato Chips and Sea Salt. 
The category’s Silver Award went to The Tearoom for the Chamomile and Honey White Chocolate Fusion Bar.
“Three is a very special number at Milkboy,” Milkboy Founder Emanuel Schmerling said. “We are third-generation chocolate makers, we are in our third year of business and now we are being recognized for three outstanding chocolate bars. The Specialty Food Association honors excellence and entrepreneurship. It was our intention when we began to create the best possible chocolate bar. We are proud to stand alongside the top bean-to-bar chocolate makers around the globe.”
The sofi Awards are presented annually by the Specialty Food Association which serves to honor culinary products from a wide variety of categories. At this year’s show, 156 winners across 39 categories were recognized. 
Winners in the Dark Chocolate category include:
  • Gold Award — Olive Oil & Sea Salt Bar, Poco Dulce Confections
  • Silver Award — Turkish Coffee, Endorfin
  • Bronze Award — Single Origin - Eco Kakao 75%, Endorfin
  • New Product Award —  K + M Extravirgin 75% Dark Chocolate, K + M Extra Virgin Chocolate
Winners in the Chocolate Candy category include:
  • Gold Award — Money on Honey, Droga Chocolates
  • Silver Award — Vivra: The Bar, Vivra Chocolate
  • Bronze Award — Griff’s Coffee Toffee
  • New Product Award — Griff’s Coffee Toffee
Winners of the Confection category include:
  • Gold Award — Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas - Strawberry Mango, Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier
  • Silver Award — Vermont Amber Organic Toffee - Fennel Seed Toffee, Vermont Amber Candy Co.
  • Bronze Award — Organic Pure Maple Candy, Mount Mansfield Maple Products