Mars, Inc., including its five business groups – chocolate, pet care, Wrigley, food and drinks – has partnered with eco-friendly company TerraCycle to reduce its waste. To accomplish this goal, TerraCycle will repurpose used and excess packaging from Mars’ dog and cat food brands, food and drink brands, and confectionery brands, such asM&M’S,Snickers,Milky Way,Twix,Starburst,Skittles,3 Musketeers,Juicy Fruit,Doublemint,Wrigley’s Spearmint,Orbit,Extra,Freedent,Eclipse,5,Winterfresh,Big Red,Life SaversandAltoids. TerraCycle will reuse this packaging waste for products ranging from cell phone holders and laptop sleeves to messenger bags, which will reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills significantly. Mars has committed to reducing its waste by 3% a year. The company’s other sustainability initiatives include reducing its use of energy and water and ensuring the sustainability of the raw materials it uses, such as cocoa.

Furthermore, Mars will sponsor TerraCycle’s “Brigade programs,” where organizations can raise money by collecting used packaging from participating brands and sending it to TerraCycle.