The tortilla and tostada brand will recycle its packaging to support beneficial causes and non-profit organizations. TerraCycle will collect and reuse the plastic packaging to produce new products, such as tortilla warmers and backpacks.

Irving, Texas-based Gruma Corp., with itsGuerrero brand, created a partnership with TerraCycle, Inc., also located in Irving, Texas, to collect and reuse the plastic packaging from its tortillas and tostadas through the Brigade of Tortillas and Tostadas program. This is the first time a tortilla and tostada brand focused in the U.S. Hispanic market has developed this kind of campaign, according to TerraCycle.

The Brigade of Tortillas and Tostadas will pay two cents for every collected package. Collected funds will benefit the Institute of Mexicans Abroad IME Becas program, a charity that developed programs to help raise education levels of the Hispanic population living in the United States. Guerrero has supported the IME Becas program for more than four years through donations, including cash and other goods. TerraCycle will transform collected packages into new and useful products, such as backpacks and tortilla warmers, among other items.

“With this program, we join efforts to support our families’ welfare through preservation of the environment for the well-being of our families and future generations,” reports Stephanie Bazan, marketing director of Guerrero. “We want to offer our consumers a choice so that they can use their recycling efforts to support an institution that is engaged with our community’s education.”

TerraCycle’s Brigade program prevents packaging from ending up in landfills, and raises awareness of the environment among consumers, promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling. Enrollment and participation in the program, as well as packaging and shipping, are free.

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