Chocolate is the top quarantine comfort snack. That’s according to Hershey, which says it is also outpacing the category.

The Hershey Co. recently filed a Security Exchange Form detailing some of the situations it may face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The chocolate company outlined a number of issues, including a reduced demand for products, reduced availability of its products, and issues with the supply chain, among other things.

However, the company said the list of issues was a worst-case scenario required by the SEC. And it outlined how the company is actually finding ways to comfort the world during the pandemic, including: 


  • Chocolate is the No.1 quarantine comfort snack, with Hershey outpacing the category.
  • Hershey is driving significant growth in take-home chocolate and sweets, syrup and baking pieces, meeting the needs of consumers during increased time at home.
  • In addition to in store sales, Hershey has seen a significant increase in click-and-collect and online sales.


  • Hershey takes great responsibility in supporting the food supply in local communities.
  • Hershey’s retail sales team continues to work in local stores to replenish shelves and seasonal displays — while taking increased safety precautions.


  • All plants continue to run with employee and food safety being paramount.
  • Hershey proactively built inventory in the first quarter, anticipating demand.
  • Production is based on real-time demand, focused on Hershey’s core items.
  • Service levels remain at normal rates.

In a letter posted on the Hershey corporate site, CEO Michele Buck said food companies play a critical role in the crisis and that Hershey will get through this.

“The Hershey Company has more than 125 years of experience managing through tough, fast-moving and unprecedented moments in time – two World Wars, economic depressions and recessions, and other momentous events. Each time, we planned. We took action. We learned and adapted. And we kept our focus on making the best decisions for our employees, our partners, our communities, and the consumers that we serve,” Buck wrote in her letter. “This moment in time is no different. It calls us all to be our best— working together, with compassion and understanding, to do what’s best for our global society. We appreciate your partnership and patience and believe our shared resilience will only make us stronger in the days and years ahead.”