New logo

Previous logo

Enstrom Candies has launched a new logo that drops the “S” at the end of the company name in an effort to clear up confusion about its domain name.

Doug Simons, owner and president, said the change was a result of the fact that was not available.

“We consistently have to explain to people to go to…with no “s”.” he explains. “This causes unnecessary confusion for our customers and many are disappointed when takes them to the Swedish furniture store.”

The Internet is a critical source of business for Enstrom Candies and eliminating barriers to purchase can have a dramatic effect on overall sales, Simons adds.

The new logo, which is being launched in conjunction with the company’s 50th anniversary, also was inspired by the company’s new retail placement in Whole Foods stores and other distribution outlets and the need to increase efficiency in packaging processes.

It is similar to the old logo - retaining the original oval shape - but it reflects a more modern look. The globe was removed and replaced with the scripted “E,” which is a much more fluid design element to be used on various products and packaging.

The color palette represents caramel flowing through chocolate and the light cream color of toffee and butter. The new shade of brown is slightly richer, creating a more elegant, classy position for these delicious confections.

“It is important that our customers know that this will always be a family-run business,” Jamee Enstrom Simons, co-owner, explains. “One that values superior products and the hard work that is invested in our company. As we continue to improve and grow we are certain that 'Granddad' Chet would be proud of the Enstrom legacy he has created and the positive impact we have on the confection industry.”

The Grand Junction, Colo.-based company, known for its almond toffee, also has increased sales and retail distribution, and introduced new product selections.

Specifically, this year Enstrom has released the toffee in new singles and individually wrapped bars for the on-the-go consumer.

Enstrom Candies is a fourth-generation, family-operated business, which creates a variety of confections including; gourmet chocolates, truffles, homemade ice cream, nuts and chews, and their incredible toffee popcorn. Also, Doug Simons was a nominee for the Candy Industry’s Candy Kettle award this year.

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