The Warrell Corp. says it is focusing on its core contract manufacturing and private label business following the sale of Pennsylvania Dutch Candies assets to Nassau Candy and closing its Classic Caramel division last fall.

The Warrell Corp. rebranded its contract manufacturing and private label business as Warrell Creations in November 2018 to highlight its innovation-based approach to collaborating with brand partners.

“We serve some of the most famous snack and confectionery brands in the industry with a broad range of manufacturing technologies and packaging solutions,” said Patricia Zwergel, Warrell president and CEO. “Our capabilities include chocolate enrobing, chocolate panning, brittles, nut clusters and fire roasting. We have deep experience in confectionery manufacturing and a passion for meeting the snacking needs of today’s consumers, whether it be an on-the-go healthy snack or an indulgent one. While we are proud of our Pennsylvania Dutch Candies heritage, our customers and shareholders will be better served by a strategic focus on our core competencies.”

Nassau Candy announced its Pennsylvania Dutch Candies acquisition on June 10, noting it will give the company an increased sales presence across the country, additional merchandising solutions and expanded custom products.

“We’re excited to bring such an established, nostalgic brand like Pennsylvania Dutch Candies under the Nassau Candy fold,” said Andrew Reitman, president of Nassau Candy South. “Their line of wholesome, old fashioned confections and unique merchandising displays add a retro, old general store feel to any business. Our customers will love these new additions while Pennsylvania Dutch Candies’ current customers will enjoy access to our extensive lines of confections and personalized gifts. All will benefit from the additional sales team members, allowing us to provide even more personalized service.”

Warrell closed its Classic Caramel plant in downtown York, Pennsylvania in September 2019. The property’s 100-year-old architecture is being renovated into residential housing as part of an urbanization development program designed to beautify the downtown district.