Forgotten Love Valentine’s Day collection
Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers, Fla.
(239) 561-7215

Available from Feb. 1 through Valentine’s Day, this limited-edition collection includes new and returning flavors. The 10-piece, heart-shaped box includes:

  • Chinese Five Spice: Freshly ground cinnamon, anise, fennel, pepper and cloves marry beautifully in milk chocolate.
  • Cinnamon Roll: A white chocolate ganache with ground cinnamon cookies is topped with fondant and a milk chocolate shell.
  • Crème Catalan: Orange, lemon and vanilla are delicately infused into a white chocolate ganache with a sprinkle of cinnamon in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Cupcake: A sweet blend of buttery, bourbon vanilla and silky white chocolate, all encased in a white chocolate shell.
  • Florida Orange: Orange and white chocolate are enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Kahlua: Coffee-flavored liqueur is combined with milk chocolate ganache and encased in a milk chocolate shell.
  • Passion: Passion fruit and dark chocolate are combined to create a rich, creamy ganache, covered in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Pink Lemonade: French white chocolate is layered with tart lemon and a hint of sweet strawberry, covered in white chocolate.
  • New York Cheesecake: New York cheesecake is blended into a smooth white chocolate ganache and enrobed in white chocolate.
  • Vanilla Rum: Dark chocolate and aged rum pair with an infusion of Tahitian vanilla beans in a dark chocolate shell.

Ingredients: N/A

S.R.P.: $28