Cocomels, maker of the Original Coconut Milk Caramel, has entered the low/no sugar candy market by launching Sugar Free Cocomels. 

Naturally sweetened with allulose and monk fruit, Sugar Free Cocomels Caramels are keto friendly and contain no sugar alcohols. The chewy caramels, available in Original and Sea Salt varieties, will be sold on Amazon and, and at select grocery chains and independent retailers this fall.

“My goal wasn’t just to develop a great tasting sugar free option,” says JJ Rademaekers, chief candyman and Cocomels founder. “It was to create sugar free Cocomels that taste as close to our traditional version as possible. I truly believe we blew our benchmarks out of the water and developed an outstanding product that all candy lovers will enjoy.”

Sweetened with allulose, Rademaekers wanted to use an alternative natural, zero-calorie sweetener to the more widely-used stevia and erythritol.  

“In trying to replicate the taste of sugar as closely as possible, I found allulose delivers a clean, sweet flavor without the cooling effect and aftertaste that sugar alcohols leave behind,” Rademaekers said. “Additionally, when consumed in moderation, allulose is known to be easier on the digestive system than other zero calorie alternatives.”

All Cocomels candies are crafted without dairy, gluten, cholesterol and corn syrup and are vegan friendly. Sugar Free Original and Sugar Free Sea Salt Cocomels have 0g of added sugar per serving. 

Both varieties come in 2.75-oz. bags retailing for $4.99.