KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates has introduced Sugar Free Chocolate, handcrafted pieces featuring high cacao content and high quality ingredients. 

Sugar Free Chocolate is a testament to the brand's dedication to flavor, quality and attention to detail. Every piece is crafted by melding a velvety ganache blend of KOHLER Original Recipe sugar-free chocolate and craft sugar-free vanilla syrup, enveloped in a shell of 65% cacao imported sugar-free chocolate. The team at KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates garnishes each piece by hand with a sugar-free chocolate drizzle.

"As more everyday occasions call for celebrations with chocolate and we snack more at home, we wanted to offer a more guilt-free and delicious option," says Crystal Thomas, KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates chocolatier and production manager at Destination Kohler. "We dedicated over a year to source the best chocolate from France with the highest content of cacao for optimal health benefits and flavor. Add a few premium ingredients and you get Sugar Free Chocolate."

Sugar Free Chocolate is available in two-piece, four-piece and nine-piece offerings for $4.99, $12.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Sugar Free Chocolate is available now at Kohler Chocolates at The Shops at Woodlake in Kohler, Woodlake Market in Kohler, and online at KohlerChocolates.com.