Mitchell's Fine Chocolates
Mitchell's Fine Chocolates in the 1940s. Photo provided by Mitchell's Fine Chocolates.

Free chocolate? It sounds like a dream, but in Cleveland every weekend through December 20, it will be reality.

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates is celebrating its 75th anniversary by giving away its limited edition chocolates. The brand partnered with Cleveland restaurants to give diners a complimentary limited-edition chocolate at the end of the meal.

The signature confection, a 52 percent cacao dark semisweet chocolate, is redressed for the occasion with a special size and packaging.

"It's our way of saying 'thank you' to our customers and to Cleveland for 75 years of success in doing what we love," says Bill Mitchell, owner of Mitchell's Fine Chocolates.  "Over the years, customers kept coming back for my Dad's signature chocolate.”

Mitchell’s father, Chris Mitchell, a Greek immigrant, founded the company in 1939 as a candy store and soda fountain. His son continues the tradition of handcrafting fine chocolates in small batches with practiced craftsmanship while keeping an eye on modern trends.

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates now offers a range of products, including truffles, bars, creams, caramels, marshmallows and fruit and nut confections.

WTAM news radio personality Bill Wills will announce the weekend’s restaurant locations on air each Friday during the promotion. Customers can also participate in additional promotions by using the hashtag #MitchellsMoments on social media.