Carle & Montanari provides chocolate manufacturers with virtual one-stop shopping for cocoa processing, chocolate production and packaging.

With apologies to Roald Dahl, author of the confectionery classic “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” real-life chocolate operations actually are even more fascinating that imaginary ones. That said, there are few equipment suppliers that can completely service chocolate companies from cocoa processing to chocolate packaging.

In the real world, Milan-based Carle & Montanari is “The Chocolate Factory,” a confectionery equipment supplier that can take chocolate manufacturers through the entire production process, providing them with real turn-key solutions, from chocolate ingredients to final packaging of products.

As a one-stop supplier capable of designing, manufacturing and integrating the entire production and packaging process, Carle & Montanari delivers customized solutions, modular design, high efficiency and flexibility.“

Since we operate along the entire chain, starting from our laboratory, which is equipped with pilot plants, through to the entry into operation of the machine or plant [line], the client never has to ask where the skills of one supplier end and where those of another begin,” says Massimo Pietra, sales manager for Carle & Montanari. “Our integrated approach enables us to provide an extremely high level of after-sales care, thanks to our partnerships with global leaders in the production of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components. Our range of machines covers the entire ‘chocolate factory’ production cycle, from cocoa presses to chocolate refiners, moulding lines and wrapping.”

The company’s machine range includes the following families: horizontal presses for cocoa; machines for chocolate production, including modern integrated solutions meeting any production and space requirement; automated chocolate moulding lines; and automated chocolate and candy wrappers, including fully integrated primary and secondary packaging systems.

Recognized globally for its chocolate moulding lines, Carle & Montanari claims the widest selection available, with production capacities ranging between 300 and 1,000 kg per hour. The well-known Cavemil and Multcavemil moulding lines feature advanced dosing solutions for moulds of various sizes, from 275 to 1,200 mm.

Carle & Montanari also designs and manufactures - in a dedicated factory - packaging machines and modular systems for wrapping chocolate products, candies, jellies of any shape or style. Depending on the implemented solutions, the modular wrapping systems operate by means of conveyors or counter-moulds and can include buffering systems, thus reducing machine stand-stills to a minimum.

The company’s range of chocolate wrapping machines can accommodate a broad range of speeds, from 300 to 900 pieces per minute, as well as all wrapping styles.

For asymmetrical products (hearts, shells, small figures, etc.) that require oriented wrapping, robotized pick ‘n place feeding units are used.

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