Florestal Foods has introduced two new types of marshmallows after installing a new production line. 

The company, which invested R$8 million ($1.51 million) into the new equipment, said it took four months of process refinements to develop the two varieties of Fofs marshmallows. They’ll be sold in Brazil and in other 80 countries in which Florestal has commercial ties.

Fofs Tubes and Fofs Twists, available in three varieties, have a vanilla flavor. They each weigh 5 grams (0.17 oz.) and are sold in 220-gram (7.76-oz.) and 50-g. (1.76-oz.) packages. All packages have special illustrations of the marshmallow characters, with a detailed and refined finish.

Available varieties include:

  • Fofs Twist Blue and White
  • Fofs Twist Pink and White
  • Fofs Twist Color
  • Fofs Tube