Snyder's-Lance, Inc. is reaching out into new territory — healthy snacks.

The company announced Clearview Foods, a new snack food division that will focus on creating innovative and better-for-you snacking options.

"With our new Clearview Foods division, we are in a stronger position to satisfy our consumers' desire for healthy snack choices that deliver on taste and quality," says Carl E. Lee, Jr., president and ceo of Snyder's-Lance. "Clearview is uniquely positioned to succeed by leveraging the company's distribution network, R&D capabilities and manufacturing to drive growth."

The company is combining the division's entrepreneurial spirit with corporate scale to satisfy the growing snacking needs of consumers and retailers, Lee says.

The new division will work to grow the Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Eat Smart and Late July Organic Snacks products.

Snyder's-Lance also revealed a new logo for the division, inspired by the company's strategy and corporate direction. The logo features crisp blue and green colors and the corporate tagline, "Snacking is our passion." It is meant to offer a perspective on the division's mission to capitalize on growth opportunities and trends and extend into new food categories.

Peter L. Michaud, former v.p. of Snack Factory, will serve as senior v.p. and general manager of the Clearview Foods division.

Customers are evolving the way they think about snacks by seeking products that offer benefits aligned with their desire to eat healthier, says Michaud.

"The future to us is all about better understanding these consumer behaviors and offering brands to satisfy them," he says. "We are also seeing a shift with our retail customers who have adjusted their shelf sets to offer healthier snacking options in locations across the store to cater to different lifestyle occasions."

Clearview Foods is part of Snyder's-Lance's overall company transformation, which began with the acquisition of Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. It continued with the divestiture of the Private Brands business and following acquisition of Baptista's Bakery and a majority stake in Late July Organic Snacks.