Blommer Chocolate Company and DouxMatok have entered into a strategic commercial partnership to produce and sell a portfolio of chocolate products with significantly less sugar. 

Together, the companies have developed a breakthrough in chocolate applications and are launching initially with a chocolate-flavored chip, which will be available to the Blommer network of customers in North America. The chip has fewer calories and higher fiber content, compared to traditional chocolate chips.

Incredo Sugar is a sugar reduction product made of real cane sugar that allows for up to 50 percent sugar reduction and enhances the perception of sweetness with no compromise on taste, texture or sweetness. The collaborative effort will allow both Blommer and DouxMatok to offer its customers a range of chocolate products with significant sugar reduction.

“We’ve been working to provide a reduced-sugar chocolate offering for a long time, and when we began working with Incredo Sugar, we knew it would be successful,” said David Meggs, chief operating officer at Blommer Chocolate Company. “Until now, we’ve only been able to offer full-sugar or zero-sugar products, without a sufficient offering for sugar-reduced chocolate that meets our high taste and sweetness expectations. We’re confident that our collaboration with DouxMatok is going to advance the space and we’re excited to introduce these new offerings to our network of customers.”

Providing sugar-reduced chocolate that meets consumer needs with no compromise to taste or sweetness has been a key challenge for food brands and manufacturers. After a year of development, this partnership addresses this long-standing industry challenge. A select group of customers started receiving and testing the innovative Incredo-enhanced chocolate-flavored chips and provided very positive feedback.

“We’re thrilled to bring our sugar reduction solution to Blommer’s extensive network of CPG customers, which will allow new innovations and exciting new product opportunities across the spectrum of confectionery, baking, and dairy industries,” said DouxMatok CEO Ari Melamud. “Empowering delicious taste and enhanced nutrition while simultaneously improving the health and wellbeing of consumers globally is an ambitious goal, but as we hit these milestones in leadership in the sugar reduction space, it will catapult the industry into the next phase of food revolution.”