Brach's, a Ferrara brand, is collaborating with Macklemore and Babs from Brunch with Babs to host its first-ever holiday tradition exchange, "Brach's Sweetness Swap."

In a recent survey, more than one in three Americans said their holiday traditions have evolved over the years. Inspired by new findings revealing how adults seek and pass down stress-free ways to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, the candy cane brand is hosting a holiday tradition exchange.

Multi-platinum and diamond-selling, GRAMMY award-winning artist and dad of three, Macklemore, and the internet's favorite holiday-loving grandma known for sharing motherly advice and life hacks, Barbara "Babs" Costello from Brunch with Babs, will kick off Brach's Sweetness Swap on December 4. Fans can tune-in on Instagram Live at 7 p.m. EST via @Macklemore and @BrunchWithBabs to watch the duo mark the official start of the swap by recreating one another's favorite holiday activities that make moments sweeter for their families every year.

"I love the holidays and always look forward to spending time with family and friends and getting a free pass to eat all the candy," said Macklemore. "I'm excited to partner with Brach's and Babs from Brunch with Babs to pass along some holiday spirit and share a couple of our favorite traditions."

After Macklemore and Babs from Brunch with Babs initiate the swap, fans nationwide will be invited to participate by submitting their own holiday traditions at in exchange for a new activity shared by someone from another generation and a free box of Brach's Candy Canes. Submissions will be open from Dec. 4 to Dec. 16, and fans will receive e-cards from Brach's suggesting a new fan-submitted way to sweeten up their holidays beginning Dec. 19.

"Holiday traditions are truly the heart of every season—I've collected and passed down so many from friends and family over the years to enjoy with my kids and grandchildren," said Babs. "There are plenty of fun things you can do with candy to mark the occasion. I can't wait to trade holiday traditions with Macklemore to see how his family celebrates and have him (and you!) try one of mine."

According to Brach's recent nationwide survey of U.S. adults who celebrate year-end holidays, two-thirds (68%) believe passing down holiday traditions is extremely or very important. Younger generations are leading the charge as those beliefs were found to be strongest among Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X.

A desire to pass down traditions doesn't necessarily mean they don't evolve or expand—in fact, they've evolved for one in three surveyed (36%) consistently across generations, most often because families are growing out of previous traditions (21%) or there is desire to try something new (17%). When compared to other generations, millennials are more likely than Gen X or boomers to try something new, and relative to other generations they're more often learning new rituals from a spouse or partner, while grandparents are more often a source of holiday traditions for Gen Z when compared to older adults.

"Families of all generations are eager to keep holiday traditions alive, and many want to learn and try new things as families grow and evolve," said Lauren Holtz, director of Brach's seasonal marketing at Ferrara Candy Company. "Brach's candies, specifically our candy canes, are synonymous with holiday memories and beloved by every generation. Our Sweetness Swap aims to bring people of all ages together this season to make moments sweeter with meaningful connections and stress-free celebrations."

Brach's generational study also found:

  • Companions for holiday traditions: About six in ten adults surveyed enjoy holiday traditions with children (63%) and a spouse/partner (59%). Gen Z is more likely than any other generation to share them with a parent/guardian or grandparent.
  • Candy canes' perfect pairing: Across all generations, hot chocolate was chosen as the best pairing for candy canes over options such as eggnog, ice cream, or cookies.
  • Holiday candy activities: About seven in ten participants are very or somewhat likely to enjoy candy canes by just eating them (75%) or decorating a home or tree (69%). Gen Z and millennials surveyed were significantly more likely than Gen X or boomers to participate in several holiday candy activities.
  • Holiday baking: Holiday cooking/baking is common among adults with more than eight in ten (84%) very or somewhat likely to participate.
  • Holiday parties: Nearly one-third of adults (31%) are likely to host or attend a holiday-themed dinner party instead of other types of holiday events such as a white elephant party, ugly sweater party, or holiday-themed brunch.