Barry Callebaut has signed its first long-term outsourcing agreement in South America and is planning a new $14-million factory as a result.barry callebut

The world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products has signed the agreement with Industria de Alimentos dos en Uno S.A., a company of the Arcor Group— known in South America for its sugar confectionery, cookies, chocolate, ice cream.

Barry Callebaut will provide outsourced liquid compound and chocolate products for Arcor-Dos en Uno which manufactures products for the domestic Chilean market and exports to the Andean region (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay).

Barry Callebaut also plans to invest $14 million for the construction of a new facility in Santiago de Chile (Chile) as a result of the agreement.  

The new factory, which will open in early 2014,  will be able to produce 20,000 tons per year,  which will meet Arco-Dos en Uno’s requirements and supply other regional customers. The capacity also allows room for future growth.

"This is a very important milestone as it is our first long-term outsourcing agreement in South America, which will support Barry Callebaut's business expansion in the region,” says Juergen Steinemann, Barry Callebaut’s ceo. “We continue to expand our manufacturing footprint in South America, in order to tap the region's promising growth potential."