The Queen of Lollipops has arrived.

On Sept. 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-serving monarch in British history. To celebrate the impressive milestone, Candy Mechanics has created a 3-D printed lollipop of the Queen's head, available in two "deliciously British" flavors: Chocolate Biscuit and Strawberries and Cream.

Candy Mechanics prides itself on combining traditional candy-making techniques with the latest technology to create unique products. To create these lollipops, which are fully customizable to each individual's head, they scan customers with a 3-D scanner located at Somerset House in London. From the scan, they make a model of the head, turn it into a mould, cast the chocolate and then add the flavor.

Apart from the Queen's two flavors, others that have been created include: Banana and Salted Peanut, Freeze-dried Strawberry and Pistachio, Freeze-dried Raspberry and Black Sesame Seed, and Caramelized Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookie Crumb.

Candy Mechanics was founded by designers Sam Part and Benjamin Redford. The two enlisted the help of Will Leigh, a confectionery developer who worked previously for Green & Black's, Kraft, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, and several major British supermarkets, who also joined the company.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise £15,000 (roughly $23,000) by Oct. 9. The money will be put toward setting up a Candy Lab, where they can develop, make and deliver their products from one central location. They will also invest in packaging to house and transport the lollipops safely.

The Kickstarter's reward tiers range from a basic £1 (roughly $1.50) donation, which will earn backers the chance to vote on who to turn into a lollipop next, to a £110 ($168) donation, which will be rewarded with a box of 30 Queen lollipops, to a £800 ($1200) donation for a box of 200 customized lollipops of the backer's head. A range of tiers are also available in between.

If successfully funded, Candy Mechanics will work toward delivering its pledges by December.