Premium gourmet English toffee confectioner KP! Toffee has announced the opening of its first retail store.

The store will open on April 4 in Sturtevant, Wis.

"We've done a great job growing our wholesale business every year. But this is a new avenue and a new opportunity to present our products directly through our own retail store," says Mike Clark, owner, KP! Toffee.

KP! Toffee previously only sold their toffee and toffee gift baskets online and through multiple retail outlets. It can be found in more than 340 specialty grocers, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, and gift shops.

The toffee-maker was founded in 2007 by Karen Peltier, who grew the business through local events and farmers markets throughout southeast Wisconsin. Eventually, KP! Toffee expanded to 130 retail outlets.

Current owner Mike Clark bought the business in 2015 and has since expanded KP! Toffee to 340 outlets.

The toffee is made with only premium ingredients like non-GMO almonds, non-hydrogenated chocolate, and no artificial preservatives. Specialty flavors like Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Burst are sold year-round.

"This toffee sells itself. Once people taste KP! Toffee, we believe they will become long-term, loyal customers. Our goal is to have people stop in our new store and try a free sample. If I get them to sample KP Toffee, I'm confident we will be very successful," says Clark.