Sheila Gs Original Brownie Brittle on the Lifetime show Supermarket Superstar
Stacy Keibler, host of Lifetime's Supermarket Superstar, and Shelia G. Mains, founder of Sheila G's Original Brownie Brittle snacks, talk to the show's contestants. Photo provided by Lifetime.

Tomorrow night the namesake founder of Sheila G's Original Brownie Brittle snacks will make a guest appearance on the Lifetime Network show Supermarket Superstar

Each episode follows three home cooks who believe they have the next great product that deserves to hit supermarket shelves, and Sheila G. Mains is slated to appear as a special guest mentor to the aspiring entrepreneurs on the Thursday, Aug. 15 episode, which airs at 10:30 p.m. EDT.

The home cooks will pitch their food products to a panel of industry experts for that once-in-a-lifetime chance to have their creation launched in grocery stores across the nation.

"I'm thrilled to hear pitches for exciting new gourmet food product ideas from the contestants," says Mains. "I've been in their shoes, growing my brownie business from our start in my home kitchen to our eventual success with Brownie Brittle snacks on store shelves around the world."

The winner of each episode receives $10,000 cash and $100,000 worth of product development, and the season finale winner's products will hit shelves at a major grocer nationwide.

Using the wisdom from her successful brownie business and Brownie Brittle snack brand, Mains will coach the contestants by offering tips and tricks unique to the specialty food production world.

Mains started her booming brownie company in 1992 after losing her executive position with an industrial advertising agency. Refusing to be just another Friday afternoon casualty, Mains embarked on her "Plan B (Brownie)." Armed with her passion for sweet treats and scrumptious samples, Mains began selling her brownies to local corporations and retail stores. In 1994, Mains' brownies were discovered by one of the executive chefs at a major theme park and she became an overnight success.

When the economy took a downturn in 2009, Mains found herself in need of another "Plan B (Brownie)" or in this case "Plan BB (Brownie Brittle)." Americans were no longer saving money for their next theme park vacation; they were instead trying to save their homes.  So, Mains took her love of the crisp brownie edges to market and successfully introduced the snack nationally.  

Since April of 2011, Sheila G's Original Brownie Brittle snack has been available on thousands of stores shelves in multiple countries and has been decorated with numerous awards.  The top two awards include "The Best New Snack Product of 2012" from the National Confectionery Sales Association and finalist in the Sweets & Snacks Expo's 2012 "Most Innovative Products Award."

In best-selling Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel and Toffee Crunch flavors, Brownie Brittle snacks are available at major retailers or online.