BCH’s latest innovation is a confectionery extrusion line that can produce two different confectionery products using the same line and equipment, be it licorice and marshmallow, licorice and 100% fruit or high-percentage fruit and nut snack bars.

As Matthew Cottam, BCH’s technical director points out, “I feel that in today’s economic market we need to give our worldwide customer base adaptability, reduced financial outlay and added confidence in their investments and product range.  This multi-use line gives our customers exactly that.”

BCH’s micro-confectionery extrusion line provides a cost-effective solution for new start-up companies as well as certain developing markets within the Middle East, Africa and Asia who wish to gain a foothold in the sector, without committing huge initial outlay. 

The new line has a 300mm product width for output capacities of up to 150 kg/hr fruit gummy extrusion and 300 kg/hr co-extrusion.  It also offers the capability for 100% fruit and vegetable extrusion to suit the latest consumer trends for natural, organic and clean ingredient labels on snack products as well as traditional confectionery products.


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