Arcor Candy Mosaic

There’s a new record for the World’s Largest candy mosaic, and it was created with more than 300,000 pieces of candy.

Arcor, the leading food Company in Argentina and main hard candy manufacturer in the world, has created the world’s biggest candy mosaic with an overall size of 1,577 sq ft., breaking the record previously held previously by Haribo Europe.

The candy maker created the candy mosaic, which was certified as record breaking by Guinness World Records, as an innovative and challenging event carried out as a team building and closing activity for the company's annual Sales Convention.

“We are now part of the worldwide Guinness elite, something we had not envisioned as of yet,” says Carlos Campaño, sales director in Argentina. “This just goes to show that the limits are the ones we ourselves set and that there are no barriers that stop us from growing our business from different angles.”

The more than 300,000 candy pieces used for the mosaic were from renowned regional brands such as Butter Toffees, Menta Cristal, Mogul and Arcor Honey candies, amongst others. As a group, 215 people participated and the mosaic was completed in three hours.

And the Arcor used the latest technology to help create the mosaic — a drone. The entire event was captured using a 360° visual scheme using a drone that overflew the entire event, continuously projecting its step by step progress on giant screens located throughout the venue.

“Arcor is a Company that continuously surpasses itself and looks to reach new challenging heights at a strategic level and in its overall business results,” says Marcelo Siano, executive v.p. of mass consumption Argentina and Southern Branches. “We are regional leaders and we are one of the bigger players worldwide and that is why we needed to find such a challenge.”

The Arcor Group Sales Convention is held once a year and it is an event in which participants from strategic business areas such as sales, planning, marketing, trade marketing, logistics and industrial planning meet to discuss the overall strategy and objectives for the coming year.

Arcor in the No. 1 food manufacturer in Argentina. It is the main hard candy manufacturer in the world and it is the No.1 exporter of confections in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

The company has 39 manufacturing facilities (29 in Argentina, 5 in Brazil, 3 in Chile, 1 in Mexico and 1 in Peru).
The Arcor Group has a daily production volume of 6.6 million pounds and reaches over 120 countries throughout the world. Arcor currently has 20,000 employees and in 2014 had revenue of U.S. $3.7 billion.