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Known for its premium chocolate bars wrapped in chic and humorous packaging, Praim Group formally announced its new division: Praim Private Label. The new endeavor will offer personalized packaging and designs to celebrities, brands and retailers alike.

The company creates its own designs and already has established partnerships with The Andy Warhol Foundation, Pan Am, KnockKnock, Anne Taintor, Mary Phillips Designs and more. With this new expansion, Praim Private Label can use a client’s existing artwork or create original designs based on a customer’s needs. As always, the company’s 3.5-oz. all-natural and kosher chocolate bar will be used.


“For nearly two years, brands and retailers have turned to us to help them create customized packaging,” says Paul Pruett, ceo of Praim Group. “This part of our business is thriving so we have formalized the division.”


According to Praim’s ceo, the new expansion has already worked with worldwide retailers to create everyday confectionery lines, facilitate seasonal company campaigns and even produced designs for charities’ fundraising efforts. Building on the trend of celebrities creating their own chocolate lines, Praim Private Label has also created designs that can be sold alongside a celebrity’s other brand items.


“Companies turn to us because we’re creative, flexible and make it easy for our partners to offer their customers something unique, fun and delicious,” adds Pruett.