El Restaurante Tortilla Chips

El Restaurante Authentic Tortilla Chips
Pinnacle Foods brands

At all great Mexican restaurants, everyone loves starting their meal with a basket of warm tortilla chips. With new El Restaurante Authentic Tortilla Chips, that same great genuine taste can be enjoyed at home anytime.

Prepared using only the finest ingredients, the authentic Restaurant Style chips are made from specially selected, 100 percent yellow corn and come in two varieties, Restaurant Style Triangles and Crispy Rounds.

The chips are produced by Tim’s Cascade Snacks for distribution on the west coast and by Snyder of Berlin on the east coast, are hitting the shelves just in time for summer snacking!

Ingredients:Yellow corn, vegetable oil (may contain one or more of the following: sunflower, corn, rice and/or cottonseed oil) sea salt

S.R.P.: (13-oz. Bag) $2.79 in the Tim’s Cascade Snacks distribution areas and $3.99 in the Snyder of Berlin distribution areas.