Alpine Tortilla Company has announced the launch of its El Nacho Tortilla Chips. Each of the products in the line is accompanied by a cast of fictional Luchador characters, with the intent of adding a fun, diverse and inclusive background story. According to the producer, El Nacho offers a new option for those who enjoy tortilla chips, are interested in healthy snacks, and appreciate a good dose of fun.

El Nacho Tortilla Chips reportedly stand out in the market due to Alpine Tortilla Company's use of traditional tortilla making techniques. Utilizing the same techniques of their Aztecan ancestors, they cook whole grain corn with water and lime and use hand-carved volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture, a process known as 'Nixtamalization'. The result is a chip firm enough for dipping, yet delicate in texture.

Alpine Tortilla Company understands the growing demand for non-GMO and gluten-free products in the CPG snacking industry. With El Nacho Tortilla Chips, they aim to provide a healthy snack option that is also fun and creative. All of their corn and oil are bought from certified non-GMO growers, ensuring the chips are made with all-natural ingredients and free from gluten.

In the competitive landscape of the tortilla chip market, Alpine Tortilla Company plans to position El Nacho Tortilla Chips as the top chip company. They offer unique flavors like Ms. Mango's Hot Honey & Lime and Diablo's Sweet Heat, eye-catching graphics, and a narrative that embraces diversity and the luchador culture. These chips can be found now at select specialty grocers and mainstream retailers as well as through various distribution channels, including direct to consumer, direct to store as well as regional and national distribution.

Alpine Tortilla Company's launch of El Nacho Tortilla Chips is aimed at a time when the market and industry are experiencing a staggering growth of demand for healthy and flavorful snacks. With competition in the tortilla chip category becoming mundane, El Nacho Tortilla Chips provides a refreshing alternative. The bold colorful packaging, amazing flavors and artisanal production process exceeds expectations of what a healthy tortilla chip can be.

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