The Boy Who Lived will have a new place to call home in 2015 — the candy shelf.pez logo

Joe Vittoria, PEZ Candy Inc., USA ceo and president, shared in an interview with FOX News that there’s a magical new creation in the works for PEZ collectors — a special edition Harry Potter PEZ.

“It’s taken me about five years to get it,” says Vittoria in the interview.

Harry Potter first cast a spell on fans in 1997. Seven books, eight movies, theme parks, and countless products later, and muggles still can’t get enough.

According to Fox, “like other limited-edition sets, all 250,000 of the dispensers designed like the boy wizard will be numbered.”

No word yet on exactly when they’ll be released in 2015, but whenever they are available on store shelves, these dispensers are sure to be magical!