Imagine going shopping and customizing your own artisan chocolate bar right in front of your eyes!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. is launching a new solution for retailers to enter into a chocolate shoppe program on a competitive basis – a full service, in-store artisan chocolate shoppe.

The store model includes handmade, custom chocolate bars, dipped fruit, fresh fudge, caramel apples and artisan truffles. 

“We have combined our 34 years of retail experience and partnered with premier vendors to bring the absolute best solution to the market,” says Dan Abel Jr. – v.p.. of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co.

The full chocolate shoppe is a modular system, allowing the retailer to start small and expand as the program grows.

The first four modules to launch include the following: a “make your own” chocolate bar station; a chocolate dipping station;  a fresh fudge station and a candy case station. And, two additional modules are in development and scheduled to launch in 2016.

The program costs between $6,500 to $50,000. The full floor plan of four modules is approximately 250 sq. ft and can be an island or wall unit.

Industry expert, Donn Robbins, managing partner of consulting firm Leaderboard Group, LLC, is working with Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. to launch the program on a national level.

“We have developed a solution that enables customers to enjoy and explore an array of artisan handmade confections with a footprint that is functionally creative, clean and distinctive for your store” stated Robbins.

It took nearly two years to bring this program online.

Every detail has been developed, including the fudge program, specially designed Fair Trade Certified and Non-GMO chocolate wafers for dipping stations, specially formulated chocolate wafers for artisan bar making and an array of luscious chocolates for a custom case, training manuals and seasonal recipes.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. says it has already received letters of intent from leading retailers and is seeking additional strategic retailers to launch this program in 2015 and early 2016.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co., named for the three children of the company’s founder, is an award-winning second-generation family business with more than 100 years of combined confectionery experience. From the original candy kitchen on Route 66 to its newly built manufacturing facility, each confection is still handcrafted one piece at a time.