As part of its ongoing Cocoa Plan, Nestlé UK’s four-fingerKit Katbar will sport Fairtrade logos in the United Kingdom and Ireland come mid-January.

“Nestlé sells more Kit Kats in the UK than anywhere else in the world and I am delighted that following the global launch of The Cocoa Plan, Kit Kat - our leading confectionery brand - will now be Fairtrade-certified in the UK and Ireland,” said David Rennie, managing director for Nestlé Confectionery. 

“UK consumers are increasingly interested in how we source and manufacture their favorite products and certifying our largest and most iconic brand is one of the ways in which we are committing to improving the lives of as many cocoa farming families as possible.” 

Although news of Kit Kat going Fair Trade in the UK and Ireland was welcomed by most, several U.S.-based organizations, such as Global Exchange, expressed reservations about the move, saying Nestle should make a larger commitment to farmers and laborers.

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