A.M.P Rose, a specialist supplier of machinery to the confectionery, chocolate, and snack food industries for more than 30 years, will exhibit at its 11th consecutive interpack show. At its booth, the company will be presenting its brand new “AMP700” chocolate moulding line.

AMP Rose

The AMP700 moulding line can produce solid chocolate with or without inclusions or whole nuts, and offers one-shot or marbled items. The moulding line can achieve speeds up to 20 moulds/minute, with a capacity of up to 800kg/hr. The company is excited about presenting this machine since it gives customers a great performance/price ratio.

In addition to the AMP700, A.M.P.-Rose will showcase its “750LF” cut-and-fold lollipop wrap machine. Given the company’s specialized skills in designing and manufacturing cut-and-wrap machines, it’s not surprising that it is one of the few companies that successfully produce a lollipop cut-and-wrap style machine. The unit can achieve speeds up to 350p/m and is capable of doing a fold-style wrap as well as a twist finish.

A newly updated A.M.P-Rose “RS68” rope sizer and “BR46” batch roller will also be on display at the booth. New features on the units have improved the access to all the areas of the machine, making cleaning easier and less time-consuming. Both machines can be supplied as either left to right or right to left.

For more information, visit www.amp-rose.com; at interpack, come by booth E29, hall 3.