Clark Bars, the classic, Pittsburgh-born candy bar, are returning to store shelves Feb. 14. 

The bar will be launched exclusively in the Pittsburgh market for three days before distribution is opened worldwide. 

As part of the promotion, Boyer Candy Co., maker of the Clark Bar, has partnered with local candy stores and retailers for free giveaways throughout the Pittsburgh area to celebrate its return. 

"There is no better place to relaunch the Clark Bar than Pittsburgh, the place where it all started 103 years ago," said Anthony Forgione, president and CEO of Boyer Candy Co.

The Clark Bar was originally manufactured in Pittsburgh by the D.L. Clark Co. and has been in continuous production for the last 100 years. The chocolate-coated bar with a crispy peanut butter center was the first American "combination" bar to achieve nationwide success. The brand also was celebrated for shipping product to American troops during both World Wars. 

The bar briefly went off the market when New England Confectionery Co., its previous manufacturer, went into bankruptcy. Boyer Candy acquired the brand in September 2018 and returned production to Pennsylvania, where the Clark Bar originated in 1917. 

Last year Boyer launched Clark Cups, a peanut butter cup with the crunch of a Clark bar.

Boyer Candy also produces the Mallo Cup, as well as other nostalgic brands such as Smoothie Cups and Jimmie Stix.