Just in time for the holidays, Big League Chew has launched Hot Chocolate-flavored shredded bubble gum, which will be available exclusively at Five Below starting Nov. 1. 

“We started the year with the launch of the Slammin’ Strawberry softball pouch, and now we’re rounding the bases and heading home with a fun new bubble gum for the holidays,” said Steve Greene, senior v.p., sales and marketing, at Ford Gum. “This new flavor extends the bubble gum chewing experience similar to the long, slow sips of the beloved warm, chocolate drink that brings joy and comfort to so many this time of year.”

Manufactured by Ford Gum & Machine Co. in Akron, New York, the rich Hot Chocolate flavor features an aspartame-free formula and joins the iconic bubble gum’s seasonal product roster including Big League Chew ornaments filled with gumballs and holiday-themed Outta Here Original pouches. 

“There’s no off-season in the bubble gum business, and we lead the league in fun year-round,” said Rob Nelson, inventor of Big League Chew. “Hot Chocolate is the perfect gift to wrap up a special 40th anniversary year for Big League Chew.”

Only available during the holiday season, the new Hot Chocolate flavor joins the growing lineup of Big League Chew shredded bubble gum, including Outta Here Original, Ground Ball Grape, Big Rally Blue Raspberry, Swingin’ Sour Apple, Wild Pitch Watermelon, Slammin’ Strawberry and Curveball Cotton Candy. Big League Chew products are available in retailers across the country and online at BuyBigLeagueChew.com.