Delysia Chocolatier, maker of artisanal chocolate, has launched its new Valentine’s Day luxury truffle collection. The collection has three separate truffle box options.

The 16-piece truffle collection (suggested retail price: $59.95) pays homage to the goddess of love Aphrodite. Delysia Chocolatier is also offering a “Sensual” collection (9-piece box, SRP: $35.95) featuring its Ruby chocolate and infused with aphrodisiacs, and the “Lovers” collection (also a 9-piece box, SRP: $28.95), featuring nostalgic ingredients like champagne and red velvet cake.

Delysia Chocolatier is an award-winning artisan chocolate company based in Austin, Texas. Chef-owner and Chocolatier Nicole Patel, named a 2022 Top Chocolatier in the Americas, handcrafts the company's creations with the care and attention people savor in every bite. Delysia Chocolatier uses only the finest quality chocolate from sustainable sources and freshest ingredients in its creations.