The Gericke Continuous Mixer (GCM) line of continuous mixers from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA features the company's proprietary Extractable Cantilevered Drive (ECD) system (optional). Developed to offer safe, 360 degree access for easy cleaning and inspections, the design sets the entire drive mechanism and mixing tool on guide rails. A single operator may slide the internals out from the sealed mixing chamber in seconds without tools to expose the mixing paddles, shaft, motor, and other parts. When finished cleaning, the system may be slid back into place and quickly returned to service.

Suitable for food and other products, the Gericke GCM-ECD enables manufacturers to automate mixing in continuous, 24/7 operation yet maintain the ability to quickly clean, adjust, and maintain the mixer during changeovers. The continuous mixer line automatically mixes multiple powders, granulates, flakes, liquids, and viscous materials in a single operation, consistently advancing the mixture downstream while achieving the targeted homogeneity at discharge.

The Gericke continuous mixers are delivered fully assembled, tested, and ready for operation. Testing is offered at the Gericke test laboratory.