New recyclable Clysar ULTRA LEG shrink film delivers important advantages for hard-to-package, heat-sensitive confectionery products that experience thermal damage when using standard shrink films. The thin, low-energy PE film exerts approximately 40% less shrink force than competitive films; delivers wrapped packages without damaging products; and provides even shrink at lower temperatures in the sealer and tunnel.

Clysar ULTRA LEG shrink film—prequalified for Store Drop-off by How2Recycle—provides a sustainable alternative for companies seeking to eliminate PVC material from their packaging lineup. PVC-based films, which contain chloride, have typically been used for low-shrink-force applications, but are known to create health hazards, erode packaging equipment elements and pose environmental risks.

“Until now, many confectionery packagers have not considered PE films for thin or heat-sensitive product applications. Most non-PVC shrink films end up melting or damaging these types of products while shrinking in the heat tunnel. Clysar is the first shrink film manufacturer that has been able to meet—and improve on—the low-shrink-force characteristics of PVC in a lightweight polyolefin film and make it recyclable as well,” said Clysar President Vicki Larson. 

While thin, ULTRA LEG low-shrink-force film has a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it durable and resistant to tears or abrasion. Ideal for retail display packages, the film has clarity and gloss, and shrinks uniformly for attractive, tightly wrapped packages. Applications include boxed candy and confectionery products, paper filters, school and office papers, calendars, flexible craft and hobby items, greeting cards, disposable paper products, and soft vinyl and plastics.

Clysar ULTRA LEG film runs easily on almost all types of packaging equipment, including current PVC platforms. It also lowers energy costs and usage, because the film seals and shrinks at lower heat temperature settings. Expert technical and development support is available from Clysar for incorporating ULTRA LEG film or one of our other sustainable shrink materials into packaging programs. Services include project consulting and commercialization, trial rolls and testing, packaging line optimization, Life Cycle Analysis (reports featuring customer data) and assistance obtaining Store Drop-Off label approvals through How2Recycle.