In celebration of International Women’s Day, M&M’S is announcing the 20 winners of its Flipping the Status Quo program. These women were nominated by friends, family, and colleagues for positively impacting the community around them and paving new paths for those who follow. M&M’S is awarding each of the below women with a $10,000 grant to further fund their missions. 

This announcement comes on the heels of M&M’S first ever limited-edition, female-only pack launch in January, which spotlighted the Purple, Brown, and Green spokescandies in and on the packaging. As part of the campaign, M&M’S is donating nearly $1 million to organizations that uplift and empower women, like She Is The MusicWe Are Moving The NeedleFemale Founder Collective, and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, in addition to the 20 nominated women listed below.  

The 20 women who are flipping the status quo include: 

  • Ahna Miller: Flipping the Status Quo in disability inclusion.   
  • Angie Wallace: Flipping the Status Quo in mental health stigmas. 
  • Cat Smith + Kiah Gibian: Flipping the Status Quo in the culinary world.   
  • Consuela Poland: Flipping the Status Quo in occupational gender stereotypes.   
  • Courtney Pettway: Flipping the Status Quo in financial education.   
  • Emily White: Flipping the Status Quo in voter turnout.  
  • Gretchen Evans: Flipping the Status Quo in overcoming disabilities.   
  • Janet Huger-Johnson: Flipping the Status Quo in excellence in education.   
  • Kathy Meyer: Flipping the Status Quo in period poverty.   
  • Kimberly Lozzi: Flipping the Status Quo in dressing for success.   
  • Leah Meyerhoff: Flipping the Status Quo in equality in filmmaking.  
  • Liz Maday: Flipping the Status Quo in girls’ sports.   
  • Lynne Hughes: Flipping the Status Quo in grief support.   
  • Magybet Mendez: Flipping the Status Quo in immigration education.   
  • Marissa Soria: Flipping the Status Quo in mental health care.   
  • Melanie Adams: Flipping the Status Quo in fashion in male-dominated industries.  
  • Neha Shukla: Flipping the Status Quo in innovation and technology.   
  • Tiffany Yu: Flipping the Status Quo in the disabled community.   
  • Veronika Scott: Flipping the Status Quo in social injustice.