Batch-Weigh Systems from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, NJ, may be configured to automatically transfer, weigh, and dispense multiple materials fed from multiple locations to a common discharge location.

Integrating proprietary weighing technology, PLC-based process controls, and load cells with the company's SPIRALFEEDER flexible screw conveyor, the Batch-Weigh System is ideal for loading multiple powders, granules, flakes, pellets, and other bulk materials into mixers, blenders, hoppers, tanks and containers, each in precise, preset amounts. Eliminating the potential for over and under weighments due to human error, the Batch-Weigh System achieves a 99% or better batch weighing accuracy to ensure the mixture, blend, and end product meet the targeted specifications every time. Suppliers can transfer and weigh precise amounts of sugar, flour, cinnamon and other ingredients from multiple hoppers or locations and discharge them into one location, like a mixer.

Suitable for food, nutrition, and pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as chemicals, minerals and other materials, the Batch-Weigh System features a menu-oriented display with built-in recipe storage to enable a single entry level operator to consistently produce a repeatable, identical product at the push of a button. Adjustments to the recipe such as adding, removing, and substituting ingredients, and increasing or reducing the amounts may be made easily and on the fly from the front-facing control panel.

The Batch-Weigh System is designed and manufactured at the company's New Jersey headquarters. Product and performance testing are offered live in person and online by livestream in the on-site test center.

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