We were recently able to connect with Kirstin Vogel, director, brand/marketing, Cresco Labs, about its line of edibles, including gummies, taffy, and chocolates.

Its Good News brand is available in three easy-to-share product forms, including gummies, and its Mindy's artisanal edibles brand includes restaurant-quality edibles created by James Beard Award-Winning Pastry Chef Mindy Segal. The edibles are infused with cannabis oils and are available at multiple potency levels.

Liz Parker: How did both the Good News and Mindy’s edibles brands get their start? How did Pastry Chef Mindy Segal originally connect with you to get the brand started, and why did she want to start an edibles brand?

Kirstin Vogel: James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Mindy Segal teamed up with Chicago-based Cresco Labs in 2014 to create her own brand of chef-driven edibles called Mindy’s. It was a pioneering partnership at time when the state had legalized cannabis for medical use in 2013. The line initially included Brittles and Toffee and has expanded over the years to include Gummies and Chocolates.

Good News launched in 2020 to expand & differentiate Cresco Labs portfolio of brands. The brand is for socially minded consumers and the line includes approachable forms like pre-roll shorties, disposable vapes, gummies, and soon vape carts with flavors and formulations that align with different mindsets.

LP: How do you choose levels of potency for each gummy? 

KV: We chose potency and ratios based on what’s best for our target customer and patient groups. Not everyone can handle a 10mg dose and for others 5mg is not enough. This way folks can choose the best products that meet their unique needs.

LP: Good News has “social mindsets” for its gummies—how did you come up with this idea? 

KV: We wanted a product line that was made for the moment. Something approachable, easy identifiable, and cued how people should feel when consuming each gummy product line. When you take Me Time your invested in self-care, Vegas is for memorable nights out, Day Off is for clocking out and chilling poolside, etcetera.

LP: Mindy’s edibles line has gummies and chocolates—and it looks like taffy, coming soon? 

KV: Taffy was available in the early days of the Mindy’s brand and we’re working to reformulate the product to excite and delight our customers. We will share more on Taffy when we have an update to share.  

LP: How involved is Chef Mindy in crafting each line of edibles? 

KV: Very involved! Our product development team works closely with Mindy Segal to ensure her vision is captured with every ingredient to lock in recipes for those who value taste over everything.

LP: Anything new on the horizon for Good News and/or Mindy’s line, either later this year or in 2024? 

KV: Stay tuned. We can’t spill all our secrets. There’s a lot to look forward to.. In the meantime, Good News Pride Tropical Punch vape and Pride assorted sour gummies will be on shelves starting May 1!