Nassau Candy, manufacturer of specialty and private label confections, will unveil its Nancy Adams and Clever Candy Holiday Collections at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo (booth #11948). Featuring classics like peppermint bark, to peg bags, and even Hanukkah options, this year’s holiday rollout from Nassau Candy’s manufactured brands offers gifting possibilities for every category.


Nancy Adams adds A-DOUGH-Able New Bark 

The Nancy Adams brand is known for classic, wholesome holiday confections like peppermint bark, chocolate truffles, and molded chocolates. 

But peppermint isn’t the only classic flavor Nancy Adams is serving up this holiday. New for 2023—Nancy Adams Cookies & Crème Bark Tin.  A classic cookies & crème bar gets elevated with huge cookie pieces speckling creamy, sweet white chocolatey confection.  The tin adds to the presentation, making Nancy Adams Cookies & Crème Bark Tin great for stocking stuffers, holiday food gift baskets, or even leaving out for Santa.  


Clever Candy holiday lightens up the season with fun and humor

Nassau Candy’s playful brand, Clever Candy, will highlight the fun side of the holidays through peg bags, chocolate bars, and activity kits full of dynamic graphics and punny sayings. 

Building off the success of the Elf Activity Kit and Gingerbread House Candy Kit, introduced last year, Clever Candy will release updated kits featuring even more candies.  

The Elf Activity Kit now offers all the candy needed for 7 nights of elfish antics. Included in the kit are new fun and mischievous activities like “Making Breakfast,” “Gone Fishing,” “Bubble Bath,” and “Elf Poop.”

Version 2.0 of Clever Candy’s Gingerbread House Candy Kit has a wider selection of decorations to transform their gingerbread houses from fixer to fabulous. Some candies included in the kit this year are items not normally seen in traditional gingerbread house kits like gummy gingerbread men, nonpareils, crushed peppermint, and jelly wreaths.  

The kits join Clever Candy’s line of playful, humorous holiday peg bags and chocolate bars. Highlights to this year’s collection include the Flake it to You Make it Peg Bag, filled with gummy glitter snowflakes and the Merry Kicks-Mas Peg Bag, full of gummy sneakers. New for the chocolate side is the Holidays are My Jam milk chocolate bar with a raspberry jam filling. 


Clever Candy shows the lighter side of Hanukkah

Clever Candy doesn’t leave Hanukkah out of the playful antics. This year it's releasing a Boom Shaka Latke milk chocolate bar with potato chips. On the gummy side of things, there’s Party Like a Lox Star Peg Bag filled with assorted chewy candy fish.

All Clever Candy Holiday items have a consistent look and feel to the Clever Candy Everyday Packaged line of gummies, allowing them to be merchandised in line with one another.

“This year’s Holiday Collection looks to build upon our best-sellers and holiday favorites, while offering customers a new way to enjoy and celebrate,” said Andrew Reitman, executive vice president, national brand confections for Nassau Candy. “The classic look of our Nancy Adams items creates an elegant feel, while our Clever Candy holiday collection offers a vibrant, more playful vibe.”

Nassau Candy’s Holiday Collection will be available for prebook in June and shipping in October. To check out the entire collection, visit