Nassau Candy announced at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo its mission to bring back candy stix in a big way with the launch of its new Clever Candy Straws. 

Clever Candy Straws are a nostalgic take on a candy icon—candy powder stix. While the candy powder might look the same, the flavor in Clever Candy Straws is more intense, offering an entirely new experience. 

“Newstalgia, new takes on a candy classic, is such a popular trend in the confectionery space right now, we wanted to develop a product that brought new attention to a longtime candy favorite for a new generation,” said Andrew Reitman, executive vice president, National Brand Confections for Nassau Candy. “Our new Clever Candy Straws line offers all the fun customers remember from classic candy stix like Pixie Stix, but with even more intense flavors to tickle their taste buds.”

Originally, Clever Candy Straws will be available in two versions: a 2.7-oz. peg bag full of single straws as well as a 15-inch giant straw. The Clever Candy Straws Peg Bag will feature popular flavors tropical punch, cherry, grape, and orange. Giant straws will come in over-the-top flavors cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, and green apple.

Keeping with the look and feel of the Clever Candy brand, each straw’s packaging features brilliant graphics, including the brand’s signature splats in vivid colors and a joke. This allows Clever Candy Straws peg bags to be merchandised in line with other Clever Candy packaged offerings. 

Clever Candy Giant Straws will come in their own standup box, creating an instant merchandising display that can be placed anywhere.

A Clever Candy Straws bulk option will soon be available, with talks of new flavors and packaging options being introduced. 

The Clever Candy Straws Peg Bag and Clever Candy Giant Straws will be shipping later this year. To check out the entire Clever Candy line, visit