On the occasion of World Heart Day (September 29), Kocoatrait Sustainable Chocolates has unveiled its latest collection of dark chocolates. These are dark chocolates with the same percentage of cocoa featured in various scientific studies examining the potential health benefits of dark chocolate, including blood pressure control and the presence of antioxidants. Kocoatrait doesn't make health claims but offers chocolates used in scientific studies with the same cocoa content.

Kocoatrait's new range of single origin dark chocolates (above 73%) showcases an opportunity for chocolate and health enthusiasts to savor the same percentage of cocoa and recipes that have been the focus of extensive medical research on the potential health advantages of dark chocolate consumption. The various research studies that inspired Kocoatrait can be viewed here.

Key highlights of Kocoatrait's research-featured dark chocolates include:

  1. Scientifically Studied Ingredients: These chocolates are made using similar recipes and ingredients of chocolates used in well-known scientific investigations into the potential health benefits.
  2. Premium Quality: Kocoatrait maintains its reputation for excellence by using ethically sourced and organic fine flavor cocoa beans and artisanal craftsmanship to create high-quality and fine flavor chocolates that delight the senses.
  3. Variety and Flavor: The product line offers a diverse selection of dark chocolate bars catering to a range of taste preferences.
  4. Sustainability: Kocoatrait remains committed to sustainable practices, fair trade, and ethical sourcing throughout its production process.

L Nitin Chordia, co-founder of Kocoatrait Sustainable Chocolates, emphasized the significance of this unique product offering, stating, "Our dark chocolates are a tribute to the cocoa percentage, recipes, and scientists that have been at the center of groundbreaking medical research on the potential health benefits of dark chocolate. We don't make any claims, but we are delighted to offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy the same dark chocolates used in these significant studies and are made using fine flavor cacao and Kocoatrait expertise."

Kocoatrait invites chocolate enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and the media to experience the exceptional flavors and to appreciate the significance of its dark chocolates. By providing these chocolates, Kocoatrait aims to celebrate the pioneering medical research while creating a high quality and sustainable range of chocolates and most importantly using the Kocoatrait expertise to deliver fine flavor! For information about this range of chocolates, click here.