The Sour Patch Kids brand is launching its own sour-then-sweet world on Roblox, a global immersive platform where millions of people connect and communicate daily. The Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon Experience takes fans ages 13 and up within the Roblox community on a journey to rebuild the land that the Sour Patch Kids "mischievously disrupted," which then turns sweet by offering users the opportunity to collect in-experience currency and mischief points. No real currency is required or earned by Roblox community members visiting this new experience on Friday, June 14.

Developed for users ages 13 and older, the Sour Patch Kids Tycoon Experience encourages fans to engage in mischief to rebuild four fruit-themed versions of Mischief Mountain inspired by the brand's fruit-flavored candies. Fans who engage in the most mischief will be awarded free, limited Sour Patch Kids-themed digital fashion items. Additional "phygital" rewards such as Sour Patch Kids brand merchandise and candy coupons will be rewarded to select fans through third-party partners to create awareness for the new experience and connect with digital gameplay.

"Our brand fans continue to enjoy Sour Patch Kids as their go-to snack when gaming, and now we are excited to connect with the community by having Sour Patch Kids join them on-platform through a fun, interactive, experience," says John Vasington, brand manager of Sour Patch Kids, Mondelēz International. "Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon gives our 13+ fans in the Roblox community a unique way to engage in loveable mischief, extending our ability to reward fans both in-game and in real life."

The experience consists of a dedicated zone with challenges where users can accumulate even more mischief to unlock Sour Patch Kids companions that have turned sweet to rebuild the land they disrupted. Each mini-game represents a Sour Patch Kids fruit flavor, with the following three ready to enter at the launch of the Tycoon experience. Fans are encouraged to stay for new mini-game roll outs throughout the year:

  • Watermelon Blast – Visitors run through a fruit patch blasting watermelons. Try to level up blast strength through the collection of mischief. Small watermelons are easy to blast, but larger watermelons are more difficult. Ultimate fans can reach boss level: a massive watermelon for multiplayer blast. Each successful blast is rewarded in mischief.
  • Grape Gallery – Visitors engage in a mischievous slingshot battle where aim and speed are put to the test by blasting moving targets including epic level grape candies. Each successful "hit" is paid out in mischief. Blasting floating SOUR PATCH KIDS Grape candy offers the highest rewards but be sure not to blast the floating bombs accidentally. Try to level up via slingshot upgrades.
  • Peach Falls – Visitors catch falling peaches, but watch out for the falling broccoli bombs, which reduce points. Try to level up basket size through the collection of mischief. Bigger baskets offer more opportunities for rewards.

In celebration of the summer launch of the tycoon experience, the brand is delivering a downpour of Lemonade Loot Boxes inspired by one of its most refreshing sour-then-sweet flavors, Sour Patch Kids Lemonade Fest candy. For a limited time, crates of Lemonade Loot will fall from the sky every ten minutes. These crates will contain everything from in-game currency to ultra-rare crates carrying 100x the benefit. Fans can redeem the in-game currency at the Lemonade Stand in the Sour Patch Kids Tycoon experience for unique prizes. Some lucky fans may unlock special digital items inside very rare loot crates.

"The Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon Experience brings to life the ultimate Roblox companion: Sour Patch Kids," says Brian Fannin, chief operating officer of, metaverse architects and developers of the Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon Experience. "In true form, the Sour Patch Kids companions start off sour and then turn sweet to offer upgrades and in-game boosts when equipped by the users. It's the perfect marriage of two iconic brands. The Sour Patch Kids brands can engage with their fans and new audiences in an authentic way by amplifying the way the community is already engaging on Roblox."

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