Blommer Chocolate is launching its latest product line, Elevate. Designed with innovation and cost efficiency in mind, Elevate offers a solution for chocolatiers and confectioners seeking high-quality alternatives to traditional cocoa butter.

Global cocoa production is down nearly 11% this year, reported by International Cocoa Organization, the outlook is worrisome as climate change is expected to intensify El Niño effects in West Africa. Scott Funk, senior vice president of sales and marketing, says “as the market value of cocoa butter continues to rise, it is exciting to have a product to offer our customers that provides an economically viable alternative without compromising on quality.”

Elevate products, developed by Blommer R&D experts, surpass standard confectionery options by delivering a texture and rich flavor. Elevate coatings which utilize Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) technology were meticulously formulated to seamlessly integrate with cocoa butter, while exhibiting superior bloom resistance, ensuring a longer shelf life and maintaining the visual appeal. This intentional formulation achieves a chocolate-like sensory experience in both flavor release and meltability.

A recent consumer poll by Mintel revealed that, while manufactures are forced to raise prices, consumers will continue to react to higher prices by cutting back. Mark Okita, chief operating officer and senior vice president of commercial, says “with access to the most pioneering and advanced ingredient technologies from our parent company, Fuji Oil Holding Group, we can provide the ultimate and consistent solutions to satisfy our rapidly changing consumer needs. This is a game changer, delivering additional value and affordable indulgence for our customers and chocolate lovers in the U.S.”

Blommer will be showcasing these new products at the IFT FIRST in Chicago July 15–17 at booth #4067.

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