Goetze’s Candy Company, Inc. manufacturer of caramel products made in Baltimore, MD since 1895, will be celebrating Duke’s 10th birthday on National Cow Day on Tuesday, July 9. Introduced in 2014, Duke the Cow has served as the Cow Tales mascot for a decade, bringing joy with his cartoon features, goofy smile, and adoration of the nostalgic treat.

"We are excited to celebrate National Cow Day with our beloved customers, near and far. This year we are commemorating the day with Duke’s, our Cow Tales mascot, 10th birthday," says Mitchell Goetze, CEO of Goetze's Candy Company. "Duke has brought our Goetze’s team and Cow Tales fans lots of happiness over the past DUKEade."

Cow Tales are a creamy and chewy caramel treat made from the same secret family recipe used to make Goetze's Caramel Creams (also known as "Bulls-Eyes"). Cow Tales were named in correlation with "Bulls-Eyes" maintaining the cow theme to promote Goetze's dedication to making caramel with quality ingredients, including real milk. Original Caramel Cow Tales were introduced by Goetze's Candy Company in 1984. 

To keep the name from being taken literally, Goetze's used "Tales" instead of "Tails,” alluding to whimsical and nostalgic children's stories, since this product is a more lighthearted and fun addition to Goetze's Caramel Creams brand.

Last month, the Goetze’s team, colleagues, friends, and attendees of the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Indianapolis celebrated Duke’s birthday with a party on the showroom floor. All celebrated by tasting the newly-launched Honey Bun Cow Tales flavor, taking pictures with the Goetze’s team and enjoying other sweet treats.

For more information about National Cow Day celebrations, and all of Goetze’s caramel treats, visit goetzecandy.com.

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