Ferrara Candy Co. has revealed three sugar confectionery products the company would’ve introduced at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo.

Ferrara’s newest sugar innovations include:

Nerds Gummy Clusters
Each poppable piece offers a cluster of crunchy, tangy, mini Nerds with a gummy center to give fans a fun-to-eat, dual-texture treat! Available in the Nerds Rainbow flavor with a fruity gummy, this shareable treat is also perfect for on-the-go snacking.  

Consumers can find Nerds Gummy Clusters available first at Walmart in August with more widespread availability across the marketplace and through ecommerce by October.

S.R.P.: 3-oz. share pouch, $1.29-$2.09; 3-oz. value peg, $1; 3-oz. theater box; $0.99-$1.49; 5-oz. medium peg, $1.89-$2.49; 8-oz. DOY, $2.49-$3.99

Trolli Gummi Creations
Trolli Gummi Creations, the first sour buildable gummy, has a mix of connectable sour gummy pieces in a variety of alien-themed shapes and signature Trolli sour and fruity flavors. Gummi Creations is a customizable, letting consumers create their own flavor combinations and build their own alien-themed creation.

Gummi Creations will be available nationwide starting in December in ecommerce, food, drug, convenience and mass-merchandise channels.

S.R.P.: 3.8-oz. peg, $1; 4.25-oz. peg, $1.79; 6.3-oz. peg, $ 2.29

Laffy Taffy Laff Bites - Gone Bananas
On the heels of a successful Laff Bites launch in 2020, Laffy Taffy is offering a new flavor extension in 2021 – Laff Bites Gone Bananas. One of its most popular flavors – banana – now comes in a chewy, unwrapped, poppable bite for candy lovers to enjoy! 

Gone Bananas Laff Bites will be available nationwide starting in December in drug, convenience, food, ecommerce and mass-merchandise channels.

S.R.P.: 2-oz single, $1.29; 4.2-oz .value peg, $1.49; 6-oz. large peg, $1.29