Truly Hard Seltzer and luxury candy brand Sugarfina have come together on a collaboration that brings hard seltzer and candy fans a truly sweet treat for summer. 

The limited-edition, Truly-infused, nonalcoholic gummy bears are available in four fruity flavors – Watermelon Kiwi, Pineapple, Mango, and Passion Fruit. While the gummies are infused with Truly tropical flavors, the alcohol itself is cooked off in the production process, making the gummies themselves nonalcoholic. 

Launching just in time for Fourth of July, these gummy bears will add a pop of color and flavor to any backyard barbecue, beach day or gathering with friends. Fans can garnish their favorite cocktail with a few bears, soak them in their corresponding Truly beverage, or add them to bar carts.

Sugarfina is well-known for innovative collaborations and fan favorites like the Hampton Water Rosé collaboration, their famed Rosé All Day Bears and Champagne Bears, but this marks the first partnership with the No. 1 hard seltzer brand. 

"It was a fun and exciting challenge for our product innovation team,” said CEO Scott LaPorta. “We were eager to figure out the best way to infuse candy with a spiked seltzer beverage in a way that really allows the flavors of the hard seltzer to come to life in gummy form."

Last year, Truly released hard seltzer-infused ice creams and sorbets in partnership with Tipsy Scoop and earlier this month, launched its own line of Freeze Pops. Drinkers are looking and asking for what's next from Truly, and a partnership with a renowned candy brand like Sugarfina was a natural fit. 

"Both Truly and Sugarfina are known for bringing new flavors and innovation to consumers," said Casey O'Neill, director of product development. "There's something so fun about dreaming up different ways that drinkers can experience Truly, and the fruitiness and sweetness of gummy bears made this collaboration a perfect fit for Truly."

The collection is available on starting June 28 and includes a Candy Bento Box for $30 and individual Candy Cubes for $8.95.