A recent 35-day strike by American Licorice Co. workers has finally come to an end, despite the fact that workers ended up with the same offer presented before the strike.

Employees at the Union City factory had been on strike since Dec. 5, picketing the entrance 24/7.

But, Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 125 members voted Tuesday afternoon to accept the company’s offer in an 81 to 61 vote.

American Licorice Co. - known as the manufacturer of Red Vines and Sour Punch - issued a statement that gave a brief overview of the offer.

“The three-year contract provides an increase in wages each year, improved health care for associates and their families, as well as an improved retirement benefit,” says the statement. “We’re pleased that all of our associates have decided to return to work and look forward to their ongoing contributions to our business in the years ahead.”

The union’s financial secretary Donna Scarano expressed some disappointment with the result, noting that the accepted offer would make employees pay for some of their health insurance come 2013.

“We were unhappy with it, because we wanted the workers to get the health care they deserved,” says Scarano. “The health care that they have right now doesn’t cost them, but it will cost them under the new offer.”

Though the union felt that workers should have stayed out longer, Scarano says that the union, which supported their decision to strike, will support the workers either way.

All workers should be back in the factory by Monday, Scarano says.

For more information about American Licorice Co., visit www.americanlicorice.com.